Royals Getting Roar of Media

Feb 21, 2016 -- 10:02am

By Danny Clinkscale

   I sit overlooking the Surprise Stadium field on a cool morning as the 

Royals start official workouts. All is quiet at my location, but quiet is not 

the watchword for the Kansas City Royals at spring training, and that is 

a good thing.

     Ned Yost held his first regular daily press conference before the days

workout, and there were at least 30 members of the media gathered

around him. I can clearly recall times a couple of years back when there 

would be no more than five of us. But of course he is now the manager of the 

World Series champions.

     He is also a manager with a contract extension through 2018, joining his 

direct superior Dayton Moore with lengthened contract security, although

how lengthy Dayton's deal is has not been revealed.  Yost had previously 

often intimated that the clock was ticking on the time that he might want 

to manage. But managing a plug and play World Series title team is 

too much fun to walk away from.

     ESPN will go full scale Royals twice in the first five days of camp. The days 

of Royals fans trying to play the East Coast Bias card are gone, at least for the 

moment. The Royals have been a noisy team as they have ascended to the 

top of the baseball world, and now there is matching noise all around them.

     The are training at a complex that just got a $23 million facelift,

courtesy of the city of Surprise, the clubhouse having about tripled in size,

as one of a large group of outsized improvements befitting their new 

station in life.

     The big question now is will all of these factor take a bit of the edge away from 

this edgy bunch, who used that to fuel them past the expectations of all 

of the analytical people. They are being done a favor by those same folks 

running out many of the same projections of a .500 or lower season, and 

no playoff appearance. They say the right things and laugh it off, but you 

have to think it will stoke the fire, at least a bit.

     The Royals have had good health, and they have had their share of breaks.

But the reality is that they are good, but in a different way than people 

expect you to be able to use to win. They also have had an almost uncanny run

of good decision making, and even when some decisions are rightly questioned,

they all work out anyway.

     There lies out there the thought, or maybe fear, that all of this remarkable

work has to hit a speedbump at some point.  But then again maybe this 

is just what the Royals have become. Just enough starting pitching, electrifying 

bullpen work, scintillating defense,  and improving offense. Then of 

course you toss in their noisy brashness. We'll find out soon whether they 

continue to roar.

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