All in All, Royals Fans Should Be Smiling

Jun 07, 2016 -- 11:08am

By Danny Clinkscale

    The tenor of this blog might be a surprise to some. I think that Royals fans should be pretty happy right now. That's right, happy.
     No, you're not happy when you are on a winless road trip. Not happy to have had some very major setbacks due to injury. Not happy
that your starting pitching is among the worst in baseball, and on the road is calamitous. I could tick off a few more serious 
problems with the Royals as well.
     What should brings some happiness into the cloudy skies in Royals land are two simple numbers. 30-27. That's the Royals record,
a record in my mind that they have no business toting around.That record has outperformed the dreaded run differential (dreaded 
by many fans when I bring it up), which would have the Royals expected record flip-flopped at 27-30. The record is also in my mind clearly 
better than the overall quality of play with the basic eye test.
     I think the Royals miserable road record of 11-19 is a real reflection of that play. There is a perception that the Royals are a product of their 
home park, the K seen being perfect for their style of play with it's spacious outfield and frenetic fans fueling "frenzied hitting" and aggressive
play. The reality is that the two World Series teams for the Royals went a very nice 93-69 at Kauffman Stadium, but an even more impressive
91-71 on the road. Their style of play when clicking travels.
     I DO believe that the K has become an even tougher places for opponents, and that has propped up this year's edition of the team. Just think where the 
Royals would be without the American League's best home record, jazzed up by flat out stealing three games against the White Sox on the last homestand.
     Royals fans have every right to expect that better play is coming. The starting  pitching couldn't get worse. Kendrys Morales couldn't get worse. The defense 
is already starting to click back in. There is every reason to believe that Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain's play the past month can continue, and the bullpen has been 
great for so long it is a given.
     There are the concerns of too many callups having to carry the load, and while  the starting pitching couldn't get worse, it might also be what it is. But the Royals
showed last year they will be active in the trade market, and they have showed the last two years that they are World Series caliber. They have more bullets
in the chamber, and despite all their issues they are far from buried because..
     They are 30-27. Smiles everybody.

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