After Charger Gift, Chiefs Need to Win

Oct 15, 2016 -- 8:32am

By Danny Clinkscale

The Chiefs got the first half of what they craved last night

as the Chargers handed the Broncos their second loss since the 

Chiefs last played. At least a part of the nightmare scenario of what 

could have happened here in the middle of October was dodged. That 

would have been a Broncos win in San Diego and a Chiefs loss on Sunday 

at Oakland.


     The Chiefs could have been close to a must win mode with both the 

Broncos and the Raiders a full2 1/2 games clear of them. Now

if they can take care of business Sunday, all three contenders would 

have two losses, and it will be game on.


      But road business has been bad business for the 2016 Chiefs, and I 

put the emphasis on 2016 because every year is different in the National 

Football League. What we've seen in this seasons two roadies has been 

extremely tame offense, and in Pittsburgh, a flat out no show in all phases.


     It's time for the Chiefs to step forward and make a statement that their 

slow start was just that, and not an indication of what the Chiefs really are.

What we thought they would be was an offensive team taking the next step 

forward from merely efficient to dangerous. That was to be combined with the 

type of powerhouse defense that was featured down the stretch last year.


     Instead, with the exception of about 18  minutes against the Chargers,

the offense has actually been more pedestrian, careful, and flat out ineffective.

The defense has only had a few good spurts, mostly being susceptible to the 

run, and to big down the field pass plays, often early in the game to put the 

Chiefs in a whole.


     There is reason to think it will change. It's seem unrealistic that Alex Smith,

Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce are all going to regress this year, and Jamal Charles 

is expected to return to a more prominent role this week. That role is all the

more important because breakout contributor in 2015 Spencer Ware has for the 

first time in his entire football life developed a case of fumbleitis.


      The schedule softens for a bit after this Raiders game, so a loss now would 

not be the absolute killer it might have been before the Broncos fell twice in 

11 days, but a loss would do this. It would raise the specter that NO stretch 

of the schedule is soft because the Chiefs just aren't that good.


     I'm certainly not ready to say that yet, but one more road stinker would 

certainly have me thinking about it.  

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