Kevin Kietzman
Host, Between The Lines

OFFICIAL HOST BIO: I'm a pretty lucky guy, I get to do what I love most every single workday. What I like most is to let listeners in on something they didn't know before they turned on the radio. We've been doing it for years. I work with the best people in the business and we've become pretty good at finding out what's going on. I live for that part of it.

It started for me at Kansas State. I had a 30 minute talk show every Monday night at 6:30 on the campus station called "Locker Talk". I was paid each week with a free pizza. That's right, I worked for food. It was college. And I made a lot of mistakes.

But I learned and was able to land a job at KOAM-TV in Pittsburg/Joplin and anchored the weekend sports for 2 and a half years. That was 1986. It was really glamorous being on tv. I would drive a beaten up old station wagon an hour on back roads to go shoot high school football games in Girard, Coffeyville, Joplin, Pittsburg, Carl's Junction, Carthage, Miami, Webb City and Rogers.

Then Frank Boal hired me at Channel 4! Man, that was the greatest day ever. October 20, 1988. I was off air, but I was home working at a better station. I got a $2000 raise and was now making $18,000. Yessir... I was ready for children. Three of the greatest kids ever if I say so myself. They are so much fun to raise, watch grow and as they get older, to have almost as friends. Two boys and a girl. They're just great. Except when they're texting and I can't get their attention.

I covered some fun things at Channel 4. Always went to the tourney with Norm and the Tigers. Broke the Joe Montana to Kansas City story and got an award from my news director that I thought didn't like me. That was nice. Stood at home plate when George Brett kissed it at his last game. Was nominated for an Emmy for that story. Frank taught me a lot. So did so many other pros at channel 4. Great photojournalists like Don Proctor, JW Edwards, Fritz Kramer, Scott DeJong, Phil Maslin, Tom Sifuentes and Jose Arce. Oh, and Todd Leabo.

When I met Chad Boeger at a Chiefs game around 1996, he seemed set on starting a sports radio station. It sounded good to me. I always like radio better than tv. We put a deal together with the late Mr. Jerry Green and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since we started doing this, we've broken a lot of stories. None bigger than Norm Stewart being pushed out at Mizzou. It was April 1, 1999 and while I was on the air reporting he was out, our competition was claiming it was an April Fool's joke. That was it for them and the springboard for us! Our competition still tries to discredit us because for all this time, they've never come close to beating us. But I'll never take that for granted. We keep working hard every day to give you information you can't get anywhere else and opinions that make you think. You might not agree all the time, but that's ok. I also love to interview good guests.

Away from work, I love to golf, hang with my kids and take trips to warm places with my lovely wife, Jessica. She's been a huge help dealing with the ups and downs of this strange little radio world we live in. She's very steady and doesn't get too high or low and it's hard to impress her. That's a good thing. And she's beautiful. Especially in shorts and flip flops with her ball cap on backwards playing with our big, black dog Willy. He's a mutt, not a killer whale. See ya on the radio!







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