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The Sports Psychology Hour
With Dr. Andrew Jacobs
Sundays, 7-8 am on Sports Radio 810 WHB


Learn the secret the best athletes know from
sports psychologist, Dr. Andrew Jacobs

Dr. Andrew Jacobs teaches athletes of all ages how to adopt a mental approach that helps them develop a positive mental attitude, remain focused under pressure and achieve their personal best performance and have fun doing it. He has helped thousands of athletes from youth sports to professional and Olympic level competitors achieve their winning edge by showing them how they can accomplish their own personal goals, stay motivated, and enjoy the experience along the path to greatness.

Dr. Jacobs works with:

  • Student athletes who want to succeed in school and in sports.

  • Parents, who want to be a positive support system for their athletes and not become the pushy sports parent that kids and coaches don't want to be around.

  • Coaches, who must learn how to be a motivator, a psychologist and a good listener at the same time.

  • Professionals, who want to reach the pinnacle of their chosen sport, to perform to their potential and learn how to balance their career and personal life together

DR. JACOBS philosophy is that you can have two athletes of equal skill and physical ability, but the one with the STRONGER MIND, will be the one who will come out on top.


If you want to be the best, you must prepare your mind, not only your body!!

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